Concrete Recycling

Small amounts of concrete find their way into many of the mixed drop boxes that come through our facility.  We screen these and separate them through the use of the first “Air-Knife” in the Metro area used for this purpose.  We have added an additional conveyor to this system which allows us to separate more metal as well as produce a concrete product clean enough to go directly to a crusher for re-use in new concrete.  An additional product from this process is ADC (Alternative Daily Cover), a material designed to meet the EPA requirement of a 6” layer of inert material to be applied nightly over the days dumping of garbage.  This material is made up of primarily dirt, sand, gravel, broken bits of sheetrock and smaller pieces of concrete.  It has been approved by Oregon DEQ as a recycled and beneficial use material.  ADC is no longer named by USGBC as an acceptable use for LEED MRc2 and unfortunately has been excluded as a recycled material.  We believe that USGBC has made a substantial error in their view of this very beneficial material.