Ceiling Tile Recycling

Greenway Recycling is proud to be affiliated with Armstrong Ceiling Systems and their Industry leading recycling and recovery program.   In many instances we can provide this recycling service for free!  Please call us for more information and project specific approval for recycling.  Armstrong has also recently initiated a program for insulation that we would be pleased to tell you about.

click here to visit the Armstrong site http://www.armstrong.com/commceilingsna/


5 Easy Steps to Recycle your old acoustic ceilings…


Develop a construction waste management plan. Include provisions for ceiling recycling in your project specifications.  Download the guide specification. http://www.armstrong.com/common/c2002/content/files/6569.doc


Register your ceiling recycling project with the Armstrong Recycling Center at 1 877 276 7876 (press option 1, then 8).


Review building and material requirements with the Recycling Center. The building construction date, an asbestos survey and a signed Recycling Agreement are required documentation to approve your recycling project. Be sure your project is approved before you begin removal of the ceiling for recycling.


Once your project is approved, stack the old tiles on pallets, label and stretch wrap or tightly band them. Coordinate on-site storage and logistics. Review the section on stacking and packing.


Call us to arrange a drop-off time.  Eric at 503-683-2755 or send an email to info at recyclegreenway dot com