Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Do you want to save $5,000 or more every year on your disposal costs while doing the “Green Thing”?   Click here to download our brochure Roof tonnage savings 2014

Greenway Recycling is pleased to be a part of the network of the Portland Metro area MRF’s (Material Recovery Facility) that provide recycling of old asphalt shingle roofs through Recycled Asphalt Solutions (RAS).   RAS is Oregon’s largest recycler of old “tear-off” roofs, as well as manufacturers scrap.   Asphalt shingles are ground up and reused as an additive in roads and parking lots.   In this perfect solution to an existing dilemma, it actually makes the asphalt surface more resilient and last longer.   We like to think that you can drive on your roof!

Greenway makes it possible for you to offer your customers a green and affordable solution to landfill disposal of their old roof.   Save money with lower tipping fees and do the sustainable thing, that is truly a win-win.   Click here for industry info on shingle recycling