Greenway Recycling is your Local Alternative to the Landfill. We are one of the Northwest’s most advanced Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) specializing in the recovery, recycling and reincarnation of Construction and Demolition debris, as well as processing all forms of dry-waste from commercial sources.

Material that just 5 or 10 years ago went to the landfill can be run through our state-of-the art recovery system and anywhere from 40% to 95% of it is now recovered and recycled for a variety of 2nd tier commodities and uses.

Greenway is not open to the general public. We are wholesale only, business-to-business, and require a “self-tipping” truck or trailer. We are glad to be an active participant in your quest for a variety of LEED levels, regularly providing documentation and consultation for construction and project management teams.

Our advanced, single-stream waste recovery capabilities help with sites that have constrained work area and/or constrained budgets. We are here to help you achieve your goals.   Click here for a copy of our Tip Rates 2015 or a Greenway Credit App.

Recover, Recycle & Reincarnate

At Greenway, we recover, recycle and reincarnate a large variety of materials, including:

  • wood
  • metal
  • cardboard
  • asphalt shingle roofing
  • commercial ceiling tiles
  • insulation
  • carpet and carpet pad
  • concrete
  • sheetrock

All of these old and used products become a myriad of new products.

Big Numbers

In 2012 alone we recycled and diverted almost 32,000 tons of trash, garbage, refuse and assorted detritus from going to landfills.

We produce hog fuel, baled cardboard, ground roofing for road mixes, #2 metal, concrete for fill and road base plus a specialized material called ADC (Alternative Daily Cover) that replaces the topsoil covering required of all landfills.