Armstrong DisposalGreenway Recycling is a local, Portland based, woman owned company, proud to be an integral part of the Solid Waste Industry in the Metro Region.

Way back (before the turn of the century) Chris and Terrell Garrett purchased a community garbage company, RD Sevier and Sons Disposal and renamed it Armstrong Disposal. The process of bringing this Residential Disposal route back from the brink of bankruptcy hooked Chris and Terrell into an industry that they never would have predicted for themselves.  At first, recycling was just all that “urban forest”, wood that isn’t reusable but shouldn’t just go to the landfill, that got them interested in recycling.  In that strange way that one step or turn leads to another other business opportunities appeared and they started a drop box company.  While looking for a better alternative to just throwing away all the potentially valuable commodities that found there way into each drop box, Greenway Recycling was born. wood for fuel We have been in this location since 2003, always at the forefront, often leading the way, in a rapidly changing industry.

In just a few short years, the entire solid waste industry has gone from 100% of all material going into a big hole in the ground to one where we can envision a future with nothing going to waste and everything finding a way back into usefulness.

This is the legacy we want to leave to our children and grandchildren.

We believe that you should always leave a campsite cleaner than it was when you got there.  After all, we are just camping on this planet.

Recycle Now… or the earth gets it!


Recycling is our primary business